SpaceBot Enclosure Design

Published on January 20, 2021 by Todd Rylaarsdam

iot 3D modeling

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This was a project for SpaceBot, a startup that focuses on helping companies study how people use their spaces and offices. They use environmental and visual sensors to detect space usage in real time and show that to users in a web dashboard.

My work focused on designing a new enclosure for both their environmental “kit” and visual kit. Design requirements like PoE compatibility, an adjustable camera mount, mounting for a Raspberry Pi 4 as well as an SSD were taken into consideration. The camera mount swivels on 1 axis around a pole, and held in place with friction.

While this device was never used in production, it was used to further minify their electronic components and as a stepping stone towards making their own single board computer (which I was also briefly involved in while I was still an intern at WCL).