These links are either small side projects or interactive sites related to my projects from Windy City Lab. There are also some videos/images from productions I have worked on in the past.

ANL Gen 3 Mote

View the ANL gen 3 mote in 3D or AR. AR is compatible with modern iOS or Android releases, and the interactive 3D model works on all* platforms. To view in AR, press the “View in AR” button, or the AR icon that appears. If no button appears, your device is not compatible.


A simple website using IBM’s Carbon Charts and Vue2 that allows users to open CSV files and view their contents as a bar or pie chart. All data is stored in your browser, and never sent to my servers. This was requested by a friend for use at their work as an easy way to visualize CSV data.


A small portfolio of some of the more complex events and productions I have done either audio, lighting or camera work for.

AWS Training Event @ Chicago Connectory

Along with the rest of the Chicago Connectory staff, I setup the AV systems for an AWS training event hosted at Bosch’s Chicago Connectory. It involved 4 TVs all displaying the output of the presenter’s laptop accross the space, ensuring presenters were trained in how to use their microphones, and making sure that all cables were hidden and not distracting.